Welcome to the Hemm Lab, a small protein research lab at Towson University!


Recent News:

December 2014
Congratulations to our lab graduates this semester: Dinma Ahaiwe, Daniel Bennett,  and Ashton Hampton!

November 2014
Allen and Brenner et al. accepted for publication in BMC Genomics

Dr. Hemm gave a talk to the FCSM faculty to mark the end of his tenure as a Jess and Mildrid Fisher Endowed Chair

August 2014
Welcome to the following students conducting research in the lab: Dinma Ahaiwe, Ashton Hampton, and Brandon Sutherland!

July 2014
Allyson Genson
accepted an internship at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, FL

June 2014
We are now preparing our work to publish. If you tagged and tested a sORF in BIOL 410, you are eligible for authorship. To be an author, we need to be able to contact you. Please contact my lab manager, Caitlin VanOrsdel (cvanorsdel@towson.edu), with an email address ASAP. If you know of anyone who may not get this message and was in BIOL 410 please have them contact Caitlin as well. Thank you  so much! -Dr. Hemm